Helpful function for stringing plans

Music strings
2021-11-21 12:17:00 / Latest News / Comments 0

We would like to introduce you to the "wish list" here (if you do not already use the function):

You create a wish list in your customer account, and name it e.g. Renaissancelaute 7c. 60 cms Venere / built by .......
Now add all strings according to the stringing plan of the builder (or recalculated).
In this way several wish lists can be created, and with the push of a button you will have a complete set of strings in your shopping cart.
If you don't need all the strings at the moment, simply delete what you don't need from the shopping basket.
You can also send a wish list to friends by e-mail.

Many greetings from Meißen
Caroline Zillmann