Lamb gut Venice type V

Item number: V

Highly flexible strings made from sheep gut (Venice type). Venice strings have a high degree of elasticity and pliability, which in turn produces an easy response and a rich overtone spectrum. VENICE" strings are particularly suitable as the 4th, 5th and 6th strings of viols and, although less common, as the 4th of the violin or 3rd of the viola.

Category: Aquila real gut


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Venice" type strings are oiled strings with a rope-like construction similar to a catline, but in contrast with a smooth surface, characterised by a remarkable degree of elasticity, which is higher than that of any other natural gut string with high torsion. Venice strings are particularly suitable for the middle register (the transition from plain to wound) in Renaissance and Baroque stringing.

Note! Since Venice strings stretch more than the usual high-twisted strings, this leads to slightly thinner final diameters at the same tension. Therefore, the starting diameter should be approx. 7% thicker.

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