nylon wound


Different improvements have been made on these strings, thanks to which it was possible to increase really their playing life. The wound nylon strings can be used, either with plain gut strings or plain nylon strings, as well as with Alliance KF strings. In order to be able to answer to a large diversity of instruments and to the various requirements of musicians, we developed 3 types of wound nylon strings:
  • Silver plated wound nylon strings (Reference NFA ... with a bright and clear tone, together with a regular tune. They are particularly recommended for musicians who expect the best sounding projection, in the respect of the genuine tone. They are available in 1 and 2 meters.
  • Copper wound nylon strings (Reference NFC... with a wanner tone. They ean be compared with silver gut strings (Reference BFA ... ) Those copper wound nylon strings are proposed in 1 meter and 2 meters.
They can be used on the treble positions, replacing the plain gut strings with a very close tone but a thinner gauge. They offer a very good balance with silver plated wound basses strings.
This type of string is particularly adapted to the theorbos. Tests can be made in order to confirm the advantages.