plain rectified

plain rectified
The rectified plain gut strings for early period instruments have been created since the beginning of the company, which has two and half centuries of experience in this field.

They are manufactured thanks to a traditional and handcrafted process, but also with up dated technologies which guaranteed their quality. The polishing processes have been enhanced all over the years: primarily hand made, then with the help of grinding machines which allow to obtain a gauge accuracy of 5/100 of mm; today the gut is rectified on centerless machines which give a precision of more or less 0.5/100 of mm.

Thanks to this polishing the rectified plain gut strings offer 
  1. The required sound for early period music but with an increased sound projection and an harmonic spectrum which is in the tradition of the early instruments
  2. a great tuning accuracy for a perfect intonation
  3. a wide range of diameters, allowing to provide the best suitable strings, according to the instrument tune, for a chosen frequency, and which correspond to the different sizes of instruments
Two types of strings are available: oiled and varnished. We recommend the use of oiled rectified strings (BRH.. References) for bowed instruments and the use of vamished rectified gut strings (BRV... References) for plucked instruments. Both types are proposed in 1.20 meter up to the gauge 150/100 of mm or 0,0590 inch included, and then in 1. 50 meter up to the gauge 225/100 of mm or 0,0886 inch.