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Welcome to the music-strings onlineshop

this shop has made it its business to offer the appropriate strings mainly to players of lutes, theorbos, vihuelas, baroque guitars, historical mandolins as well as all viola da gamba instruments (bass to treble viol, pardessus & violone). This means for instruments of "early music", even those not explicitly listed here. All these strings are kept in stock or, if not in stock, are always available at short notice.

Naturally, strings for harps and all stringed instruments of the violin family (from violino piccolo to violin, viola, cello and quintbass) are also part of our range. For strings not listed please make an enquiry, we are sure to be able to help you.

Our almost 30 years of experience in building and stringing plucked and bowed instruments is to your advantage. Numerous specially assembled string sets are available. You will find them in the corresponding categories, or on request, of course, all special string wishes can be satisfied.

You can shop here around the clock and usually the strings will be shipped to you the following day at the latest. For unusual or special strings, it can of course take a little longer.

In addition, you will also find some selected materials and aids such as rosin, mutes, plucking cloths, picks and much more.

There is also a section for instruments, in which not only those from our master workshop are offered - for these please visit the above link "instrument workshop" - but also rental and simpler student instruments and sometimes second-hand instruments.

We ship all over the world!

We look forward to your order/inquiry!